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It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the chaotic and fast-paced nature of technology, smartphones, and social media. Constantly being on the phone and endlessly scrolling through apps and sites can have a strong effect on your mental and physical health. Even when technology isn’t to blame, going through the same day-to-day routine for long periods of time within the same surroundings can lead to feelings of distress. A great way to improve your feelings of wellness and to find relaxation is through ecotherapy. Ecotherapy is tapping into the healing powers of nature by going outside and exploring.

Great Exercise

Ecotherapy involves listening to nature and taking the time to discover it. This kind of exploring also provides an outlet to experience the benefits of rigorous physical activity. Not only will you be improving your physical health with ecotherapy through outdoor exercise, but your mental health and well-being will improve as well. This is because exercise releases endorphins into the body, which are hormones that help you to feel happy. Being immersed in a serene setting, like a natural wood or park, while experiencing these endorphins is even better. It helps you to be more present and connected with your environment, and more in touch with your emotions.

Mental Health and Wellness

Exploring nature and learning to appreciate it can do so much for your psychological and emotional well-being. As mentioned before, exercise and physical activity from ecotherapy releases endorphins into the body that help you to feel happier. Just simply being in nature and taking the time to be outside, whether doing vigorous exercises or not, can also help decrease the symptoms of depression. By focusing on the chirping birds or even by taking a walk in the woods, a person can begin to feel more at peace and relaxed. The more exposure to nature, the better your mental health will be.

Natural Relaxation

Doctors will often provide their patients with prescription medications when they are experiencing extreme stress, anxiety or depression. Although a prescription can help some to feel better, for others pills can often lead to even worse symptoms of depression and possibly even more health issues. Recently, doctors have been turning to ecotherapy as it is a more natural and effective way to improve patients’ health. The very calming effects of a human-nature relationship is a great solution for those who want to avoid medication.It only requires a few minutes of your time during the day to take a walk through a park, listen to the flow of a stream, or to the sway of the trees. The sounds and rhythms of nature are incredibly calming and have great therapeutic benefits.