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Recently, the World Health Organization announced that burnout is now considered an official medical diagnosis. Burnout can happen to anyone, at any time, and at any place. It is typically characterized by feelings of exhaustion or depletion, negativism, cynicism, and trouble with workplace efficiency. Workplace burnout can occur when one becomes overwhelmed by demanding and emotional situations. When we are constantly stressed out, we begin to feel tired and lose our focus. Burnout can affect sleep, mood, and diet, making it a serious issue for those who are struggling. If you feel like you may be experiencing workplace burnout, there are a few things you can do to either avoid it or manage it. Below are four techniques to try to avoid workplace burnout:

Get enough sleep

Sleep is extremely important for our health and wellness. Without getting the proper amount of sleep, our brain does not function the best, and we lose the ability to react quickly and use our best judgment in important situations. Burnout can lead to insomnia, so it is crucial that you take the necessary steps and time to ensure your body is getting adequate rest.


Burnout can lead us to feel extremely depleted and exhausted. Exercising may not be the first thing we think of doing, especially when we are tired or swamped with multiple other projects that need our time. However, exercise is one of the best ways to improve mood, energize our bodies, and reduce stress levels.


It can be easy to bottle up your emotions and try to accomplish everything on your to-do list by yourself. In doing so, you will only further distance yourself from the problems you are faced with, leading to more frustration and stress. Block time out in your schedule to meet up with good friends or family. A good laugh and a supportive group of people are great ways to help lower stress and burnout.

Take control

When we feel like we are drowning in piles of work, it may be easy to give up and walk away. It is crucial to take control of your actions and prioritize your schedule. Try new ways to organize your schedule and goals, embrace a positive attitude, and seek help from others when needed.