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About 1 in every 5 Americans out of a population of over 40 million are affected by a mental health condition. Many fail to seek mental health treatment due to the inconvenience of busy schedules and wanting to keep matters discreet. Technology has caused waves in mental health therapy. Individuals and families can seek professional help online and can join in on discussions based on their mental challenges. The internet has made mental health therapy significantly more accessible and affordable.

Online Mental Health Therapy Goes Mobile

Mobile applications have taken a spin on mental health therapy. Online therapy has been available for over 20 years to the online community. Application developers for android and iOS platforms have partnered with licensed mental health professionals to execute the delivery of services. A variety of services are available that are affordable and easily accessible. New Age and Holistic practitioners are also using mobile applications to educate the public. Many of these apps have been recognized to improve the mental condition or state that a person is in through alternative forms of therapy.

Types of Mental Health Apps

  • Standard Therapy – These sessions are held virtually or via another form of electronic communication. Appointments are easier to obtain and they are known to be less expensive then in-office visits.
  • Alternative Therapy – Practitioners of alternative medicine are using mobile platforms to treat or improve the user’s mental state or condition.
  • Find a Therapist – These services provide a list of licensed professional local therapists with ratings provided by those that have experienced the treatment.
  • Urgent Care – These are emergency services that are available 24 hours per day. They are geared toward depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention.

Credibility of Mental Health Apps

The concern that arises with mobile mental health applications are their effectiveness. The credentials and reputation of the professionals providing the services are also questioned. Research is recommended before the selection of any form of treatment that impacts health. Online user reviews are always a helpful and reliable guide. Therapy works differently for each individual and each must search for the treatment that caters to their mental health needs.