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Many people look to exercise to control their weight or shed a couple of pounds. While this is one of the amazing benefits of regular exercise, it isn’t the only advantage. When it comes to improving your mental health and well-being, exercise is a major help. Take a look at some of the major mental health benefits from exercise:

Stress Relief

The everyday tasks and commitments can take a toll on a person. Whether it be work, school or daily chores, stress can quickly build up and drain you. If you don’t have a way to relieve this stress, it can put a damper on your health. Regular exercise is a great way to relieve this stress. By taking a bike ride or zoning out on the elliptical, you’re focusing on the exercise rather than the other worries of daily life. Exercising gives you the opportunity to turn off your brain and relieve any stress weighing you down.

Decrease Anxiety and Depression

Many people struggling with anxiety or depression aren’t sure how to get out of a slump or relieve their anxiousness. Daily exercise is a great way to combat depression and anxiety. Whether it be yoga, a long walk or jogging, exercise will release a chemical called endorphins that are known to boost mood. Studies have proven that regular physical activity is a major mood booster and can decrease the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Confidence Booster

It’s no secret that exercise can lead to weight loss, toned muscles or improved endurance. These changes in the body can help improve your confidence and self-esteem. Small achievements like your pants fitting looser, being able to climb stairs without running out of breath or simply being able to stretch far enough to reach your toes can improve how you feel about yourself. Even if it doesn’t happen overnight, the subtle changes in your body or endurance will lead to a great boost in your confidence.

Sleep Benefits

While exercise is mostly known for energy boosts and increased endurance, it’s also great for getting more sleep. One of the toughest achievements in our day to day lives is getting enough sleep. Many people put off sleep or don’t know how important it is, but it’s imperative for a healthy mind and body. Studies have found that exercise helps regulate circadian rhythm, which controls how tired you feel and when to feel alert.

Regular exercise leads to an improved body and mind. It can help with weight control, but most importantly it improves your overall mental health.